Temporary Fencing Melbourne





Support braces

Ideal for high wind areas with long straight runs of fencing. AFT HIRE recommends 1 brace every 3rd panel, or more, in high wind areas or where shade cloth is installed.


Silt Protection

Silt fences are attached to our temporary fences in areas of construction where soil or material undergoes movement. The fence provides a barrier which minimises the impact of materials leaving the work site.


Shade Cloth

Shade cloth can be provided at a small cost if you want privacy to your building site. Our cloth comes in both 50% or 90% transparency and either can be provided depending on your needs. It is usually applied to the front of your properly, as this is where maximum privacy is sort, however can be put on as much of your fencing as you require. Shade cloth will be charged per linear meter and there is no minimum length.


Barb Wire 

For that added security to your site you can add barb wire to your temporary fencing (1-3 rows)


Star Pickets

Used as extra bracing on temporary fencing.

Can be used in conjunction with the support braces or on their own.